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   Anna Moseley lives in Searcy with her husband, Taylor, and started working at Midnight Oil while she was in college. For Anna, it’s the little things that made her love Midnight Oil so much.

    “All of the people knew my name, they knew my drink order. They made me feel appreciated in such a small way. It’s just coffee, it’s just a little part of your day, but I liked the way the barista made me feel. I like the connections and relationships I had with them and I wanted to be a part of that,” Moseley said.

    Moseley loves the different kinds of relationships she has made through her job. Her fellow employees are now some of her best friends and she loves the connections with the customers from the community that she may not have met otherwise.

    “I have learned how important it is to know people’s names and how special that can make somebody feel and how much influence you have a person’s day.” Moseley said. “I have definitely realized how important the little things are and how you should never stop doing those little things for other people.”

    As an employee at Midnight Oil, Moseley gets to be a part of a much larger picture. Because of every connection she makes, every relationship she builds that keeps bringing customers back to Midnight Oil, those who are helped by KIBO receive more.

    “I get to be a very small little piece to a much larger puzzle that affects all different kinds of people. Even though it is a very small role, if I wasn't here during this part, the whole thing, the whole piece, the whole puzzle couldn't function.”