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    Three years ago, Tori Adkison decided to moved to Searcy to work at Midnight Oil. She had worked at a coffee shop in high school and she wanted to keep doing that, and she knew Midnight Oil was the place to be. Not only is Adkison a barista, but she is the artist of all the chalk art on the Midnight Oil walls.

    “Midnight Oil is a home for all my hobbies. I get to bake, make coffee and chalk,” Adkison said. “It’s my way to connect to the people I would never meet on Harding’s campus and to get plugged in to the community.”

    The summers are Adkison’s favorite time of the year because she gets to see the regulars from the community.

    “I’ve learned how to be friendly and make friends with the people that come here. I’ve learned a lot from the people here because I wasn't very good at communication skills before I got to college. This has been a big learning curve of being friendly to people when they walk in, how to do our job well and how to communicate our connections to Kibo.”

    Adkison has been able to put her hobbies into good use. Whatever she does for Midnight Oil, she is not only helping locally, she is helping those who are serving with KIBO.

    “I think it’s a huge deal that we get to do that and a big privilege. Most workplaces don't have some connection like this and it brings a whole new meaning to making a cup of coffee, baking or doing chalk. There is always something behind it.”