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Silas Hall is a senior from Columbia, Tennessee who has been working at Midnight Oil since last year. He says that his favorite part of his job are the people he gets to work with along with learning the history and the different techniques behind coffee.

“I had been a long time customer. I really like coffee and I am very interested in the process and as I came here more I got to know the baristas more which made me love the work culture.”

    Hall enjoys having a job that allows him to have access to the different types of coffee and the different types of techniques. He also says that he is always learning something new, and that this job allows him to see how he can directly affect someone, as well as see that his work and training makes it worth it for the customers.

“When I make something, because of all the training that I have had I know when something is good or not. I enjoy knowing that what I made for someone is well worth the money that they spent on it.”

    It is much more than a simple transaction. Every time a customer purchases a drink, pastry, or food, the value of the purchase does not only help the person at MO but also those that KIBO serves.

“It makes my job a lot more meaningful. There is something that should be said about a business making money and being profitable but just knowing that when your day might be frustrating you can look up and see something with the word KIBO to remind me what I am doing and how it can directly help someone in other places.”